Safe Cam: A Community Watch Program

Safe Cam Community Watch ProgramVideo cameras are an invaluable tool helping to detect and apprehend criminals. The Safe Cam Program allows the Riley County Police Department to partner with citizens and local businesses to create secure, private mapping of locations of cameras so our police officers can quickly contact you if your camera may have captured footage related to a crime.

You can register your security camera that views any public area in the city (sidewalks, streets, parking lots, etc). If a crime is committed in your area, we may contact you to review footage related to that incident. We would then use that information to apprehend and prosecute criminals involved. Your information is confidential. There is no fee to register your camera. You can unsubscribe from the program at any time.

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Privacy Concerns

This program is not active surveillance or for police to check on routine things occurring in neighborhoods. All information is housed in a secure database. We do not have direct access to your private video system, just a way to contact you to request to view the footage. 

We may request to see or make copies of footage related to criminal activity to use for evidence during criminal proceedings. 

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