Retirement and Financial Planning

As a public service agency, RCPD employees are eligible for the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System, KPERS (non sworn) and Kansas Police and Firemen’s System, KP&F (sworn).

KPERS is a 401(a) defined benefit plan. Your KPERS is automatic when you’re hired. The amount of money you put in is set by the Kansas Legislature and is automatically taken out of your paycheck and sent to KPERS. You can learn more on their website here.

Through KPERS, employees can elect to participate in Optional Group Life Insurance. 

KP&F eligible employees automatically earn service credit for the years worked in a covered position. After a number of years you are guaranteed a benefit or are “vested”. 

The KP&F website states Tier I members can vest with 20 years of service while Tier II members vest with 15 years of service. You can learn more about KP&F on their website here.

KPERS employees earn a life insurance benefit for being a member. KP&F employees earn a death benefit. 

Additional retirement savings opportunity are available through a 457(b) and Roth Plans. 

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System Screenshot

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1. Retirement and Financial Planning