In early 2021 the Riley County Police Department transitioned sworn officers to navy blue uniforms. The new uniforms are made of a more durable material with multi-seasonal technology to accommodate long patrol hours in both the hot summer and brisk winter.

Our officers are out in the community every day rain or shine. Proper uniforms ensure we help to protect them from the elements while they are protecting the people we serve. The navy uniforms are made of material that will perform better, and show less dirt, grime, wear and tear. 

Sworn Officer Wearing a Navy Blue Uniform

Corrections Officers wear a standard-issue light brown blouse and dark brown pants. Corrections Officers may choose to wear a short or long sleeve (polyester) shirt or the short or long sleeve (cotton, BDU style) shirt at their discretion. 

Corrections Officer in a light brown blouse 

Dispatchers do not have a set uniform but instead follow a business casual dress code. Civilian department members maintain an appearance which is appropriate and functional for their specific job tasks. 

Dispatcher Wearing Business Casual

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