Communications Accreditation

As of April 2022, Riley County Police Department (RCPD) has officially begun the process for the Public Safety Communications Accreditation Program through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). 

“RCPD has held Law Enforcement Accreditation for a long time and we’ve seen the benefit of having those standards,” said RCPD Support Captain Brad Jager. “We want to ensure the same professional level of service to the community with our Dispatchers who are the initial First Responders for Riley County.”

The RCPD Communications Center will undergo a five-phase process to earn Accreditation, beginning with today’s enrollment. A period of internal self-assessment will precede a formal CALEA assessment of implemented policies and procedures with a final commission review and decision to follow. Finally, the Communications Center will be responsible for maintaining compliance and seeking re-accreditation. The Communications Center will strive to comply with all 207 standards of the Public Safety Communications Accreditation Program.

“Our Communications Center is an integral piece of RCPD’s operation and continues to place itself at the forefront of emergency response practice and procedure,” said Interim Director Kurt Moldrup. “Accreditation ensures these standards remain intact into the future.”

The voluntary Accreditation program will provide the Communications Center with a process to internally review and assess its operations and procedures. The program will require staff to collect and analyze important data with the overall goals of ensuring staff accountability, making sound operational and administrative decisions, and promoting leadership within the center. Accreditation in the Communications Center will focus on quality assurance, interoperability, emerging 911 and dispatch technologies, risk analysis, asset security, resource access, contemporary training, and a range of other operational functions.

The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International, Inc. (APCO International), the leading communications membership association, partners in the development and maintenance of the CALEA Standards for Public Safety Communications Agencies Manual which are subject to ongoing review and revision.

RCPD has held Law Enforcement Accreditation through CALEA since 1991, when it became the first Nationally Accredited law enforcement agency in the state of Kansas.

For additional information or to obtain a copy of a specific standard contact Julia Goggins, the Department’s Accreditation Manager, at (785) 537-2112 ext. 2398.

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