Accidental 911 Calls

Oops! You accidentally called 911. 

Don't stress! And don't hang up!

If you accidentally call 911, please stay on the line and speak to a dispatcher. Even if we haven't answered when you hang up, our efficient computers and programs register the call. For safety reasons, we need to verify if there is an actual emergency. If you hang up, we will try to establish contact with you based on the information our system obtained from the call. If you call from a cell phone, it will most likely tell us the number you called from and the last cell phone tower you were near, giving us an approximate address. If you accidentally call from a landline, it will most likely give us a more exact address. We will attempt to call you back, but if we are unable to establish contact, first responders may be dispatched to your location to determine if there is an emergency. 

If you stay on the line and explain the situation, the process will be short and simple. Dispatchers may politely provide guidance on ways to prevent accidental 911 calls in the future. 

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