Is This An Emergency or Not?

when to call 911 for emergencies. If life or property is in danger always call 911

What is an emergency? It may seem like an easy question to answer, but an emergency to one person, may not be urgent for the next. Life experiences, knowledge, and individual circumstances among other things may lead people to differ on their opinion of a true emergency. 

If you call 911 for a non-emergent matter, our highly trained team of dispatchers will politely ask you to call back on our administrative line so the emergency line is free for critical use. 

Some questions you may ask yourself to determine if there is an emergency: 

  • Is a person's life or someone's health in danger?
  • Is property in danger?
  • Is public health or the environment in danger?
  • Is it vital that units respond right now?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please call 911. 

Why not just call 911 no matter what instead of utilizing administrative numbers? Calls to 911 for any other purpose than reporting an emergency could reduce the number of 911 call takers and phone lines available to those needing immediate help. It's important to save 911 for those who may require life-saving assistance. If you are ever in doubt if what is going on is an emergency, call 911 and our dispatchers will help talk you through the proper steps to take. 

To contact us in case of emergency: Call 911

To contact us for any other police or law enforcement matters: Call our administrative line (785) 537-2112

We are here to help you around the clock through our emergent and non-emergent line. 

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