How many officers wear body cameras?

Officer Wearing a Body Camera

All officers of the Riley County Police Department below the rank of Captain, who are assigned to uniformed operational roles, wear body cameras. Policy states officers are to record all traffic stops, field arrests, pursuits, and encounters with hostile citizens. Officers also have to record situations that have the reasonable possibility of leading to an arrest or a notice to appear in court. Field interviews of victims concerning sensitive matters such as sexual assaults i.e. minimalistic interviews for the purpose of establishing the basis for further investigation and the gathering of basic information in the field, are recorded as well. Officers may also record situations when they believe a video or audio recording of the event would serve the bests interests of the community or the department.

Officers do not routinely record all citizen encounters. Recordings are not made of individuals in areas that are in use for private matters such as restrooms or locker rooms. With regard to medical care facilities, officers are to use discretion when interviewing individuals receiving treatment to prevent embarrassment and/or violation of privacy.

Why not all?

The ranking system in the Patrol Division is listed below:

  1. Officer
  2. Corporal
  3. Sergeant
  4. Lieutenant
  5. Captain
  6. Assistant Director
  7. Director

Captain and above to the Director typically work in office settings and are not routinely in the field on police matters that would require the use of body cameras.

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