Accredited since 1991

CALEA Accreditation

In 1991 the Riley County Police Department became the 1st Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency in Kansas and was the 168th agency nation-wide.  Accreditation is a voluntary process that demonstrates a clear commitment for procedural justice, ethical policing, community trust, transparency in service, appropriate organizational culture, fairness, and consistency in what citizens should expect from a law enforcement agency. RCPD is required to meet or exceed national standards put into place to ensure our agency is doing what it should while serving you. Accreditation is highly valued by Law Enforcement professionals and recognized as an achievement of professional excellence. There are different levels of accreditation attainable. The Department elects to strive for Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation, which means complying with all 461 national accreditation standards that are applicable to our agency.

The Department has maintained its accredited status during on-site assessments conducted in 1990, 1996, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2016, and most recently in December of 2019. The Riley County Police Department re-earned its Accreditation in 2020. The following awards have been attained by the Riley County Police Department: 

  • 2007 Reaccreditation / Meritorious Service
  • 2010 Reaccreditation / Meritorious Service & Flagship Agency
  • 2013 Reaccreditation / Meritorious Service & Accreditation With Excellence (This is the highest award attainable by CALEA)
  • 2016 Advanced Reaccreditation via Gold Standard Assessment / Meritorious Service & Accreditation with Excellence

To learn more about the process of accreditation and our progress, please feel free to contact the Riley County Police Department's Accreditation Manager or the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) at

State Accreditation

On April 18, 2023, the Riley County Police Department became dual-accredited through newly established state of Kansas accreditation.  

The Kansas Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (KLEAP) is the official Kansas state accrediting body facilitated by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC).

KLEAP is a voluntary initiative for professional improvement expressing commitment to professional law enforcement practices. State accreditation includes 167 standards.

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