What are my Miranda Rights?

Miranda or “Rights Warning” is derived from a 1966 US Supreme Court Case Miranda v. Arizona. By law, a person must be provided their Miranda Warning before being questioned by police if in police custody. A person being arrested by the police are not read their Miranda rights unless that officer intends to question that person and those questions could likely incriminate that person. Non-crime specific questions such as "What is your name?" and "Where do you live?" are not questions that would normally lead to an incriminating response. It is common for TV shows and movies to portray the police advising people of their Miranda rights while they are being arrested. In real life this does not happen, the rights advisory is a very serious matter and if it is to be given to a person in police custody, it is given in a controlled environment and typically in writing. Incriminating information obtained from a person in custody through questioning will not be permitted in court if that person was not advised of their Miranda Rights before being questioned. The arrest of a person does not require Miranda, questioning a person about a crime while they are in police custody does require Miranda.

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