What is the history of Riley County Jail?

The Riley County Jail was occupied on January 18, 2001. There were originally 3 full pods and 2 half pods, which accommodate both male and female inmates. Because the inmate population has steadily increased each year since 2001, the Riley County Commission approved the expansion of the current facility in 2008. Construction on the Northside of the facility added 20 additional cells to the existing facility. The completion of the project was slated for the latter part of 2009. The 5 pods in the facility are designated by letter and color. The Riley County Jail, as of early 2013, had 7 pods wherein confined inmates are housed. Prior to the completion of the new wing, the confined population had a maximum capacity of 127 inmates. The newly completed wing became operational with the opening on March 11, 2011. The total capacity for the facility is now 147.

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1. How can I find out if a person has been arrested?
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3. How does an inmate call me?
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7. How can I send money to an inmate?
8. What medications are accepted into the Jail?
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14. Why is RCJ a Direct Supervision Facility?
15. How does the bonding procedure work?
16. What is the history of Riley County Jail?
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