How do I contact someone in the jail?

You can write a letter to the Riley County Jail located at 1001 S Seth Child Road, Manhattan, KS 66502 addressed to the inmate.

Inmates and their loved ones now have access to video calls between 5:30 am to 10:30 pm. Those wanting to sign up, can visit Inmate Canteen and set up an account.

On Inmate Canteen, using the inmate's personalized name number, visitors can also send money, order commissary, text, and email the inmates through this system.

Video visitation, as well as the extra means of communication, will add extra ways for the inmates to feel connected. This is especially helpful for family or friends who are long distances and can't come to visitation in-person at the department. The more varied times for visitation can also be helpful for those who work during normal visitation hours.

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