What is and is not allowed at visitation?

*In-person Sunday visitation has been suspended indefinitely. In-person Wednesday visitation will continue.*

Contraband and other prohibited items are those that are determined to be a threat to the safety, security, and integrity of the jail facility. The following is a list of those items which are not allowed into the visitation area of the jail. Any items not specifically mentioned is subject to the scrutiny of the Corrections Officer(s) supervising visitation as to whether or not an item is considered to be contraband and/or a prohibited

The only items allowed in the visitation area are:

  • Your photo ID
  • Vehicle keys
  • Legitimate medical items
  • One diaper and one bottle for your infant/child
  • Any other items will be left in your vehicle.

Prohibited Items:

  • Electronic communication devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers, or smartwatches
  • Any weapons, or items that may be considered by jail staff to be a weapon
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal drugs

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