What happens on the day of the Sheriff's sale?

On the day of the sheriff sale (Tuesday or Thursday) at 10 am a sworn officer from the Riley County Police Department will be present in front of the Riley County District Court House main entrance facing Poyntz Avenue. The officer will introduce themself and announce the sale by stating the case number, plaintiff and defendant, and description of property as listed on the court order. The officer will also state the terms for payment either cash, certified/cashier's check, or money order which will have to be paid to the Riley County District court on the day of the sale. The officer will then open the sale up for bidding. The first bid is normally and almost always placed by the attorney representing the bank that has the note on the property. Once this bid is made then others who are present may bid higher if they wish. The officer will close the sale once the best and highest bid has been entered.

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1. What is a Sheriff Sale?
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5. What happens on the day of the Sheriff's sale?
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