What does this have to do with Ring?

We are proud to partner with Ring to make sharing videos with RCPD easier. Ring’s Neighbors app gives us a platform to better engage and inform you. This is another social avenue where you can reach out to RCPD, so we can work together for safer neighborhoods. Using the Neighbors app, we are able to request video footage from you in the case of an active investigation. The process is the same as stated prior — we make the request, and you get to choose to share or decline. The choice will always be yours. You can also opt-out of all future requests if you do not want to be contacted again. 

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1. If I sign up, do you have access to my camera?
2. Will you be watching the live stream?
3. I want to help but don’t want my information in the public. What do I do?
4. What does this have to do with Ring?
5. Is Ring going to be giving you access to my cameras?
6. How will you contact me?
7. What types of crimes will you contact me about?
8. Does Project Safe Cam account for privacy?