Will you be watching the live stream?

No. We do not have any instant access or access to live streams or cameras. This program is 100% voluntary. A person can choose at any time to participate or to decline participation. There is no pressure either way. We respect and value your privacy. We want to work together with the citizens of Riley County to solve and reduce crime. Keeping Riley County safe is incumbent upon all of us. We devote our lives to this mission but rely on the public’s help. 

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1. If I sign up, do you have access to my camera?
2. Will you be watching the live stream?
3. I want to help but don’t want my information in the public. What do I do?
4. What does this have to do with Ring?
5. Is Ring going to be giving you access to my cameras?
6. How will you contact me?
7. What types of crimes will you contact me about?
8. Does Project Safe Cam account for privacy?