Parking Citations

The following is a brief summary of fines for differing parking violations.

Violators may receive more than one citation while parked in the same location. Vehicles can be towed at the ticketing officer's discretion.

  • Fine for parking on private property: $25
  • Fine for parking on public property longer than 48 hours: $15
  • Fine for parking in the grass: $25
  • Fine for parking in limited time zone, overparking in two- to three-hour time zone, parking in no parking time, parking without permit: standard fine of $15
  • Fine for parking blocking driveway: $20
  • Fine for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant: $20
  • Fine for parking too far away from the curb: $20
  • Fine for parking in handicapped without permit: $50
  • Fine for parking in alley, within 3 feet of an alley's intersection or within 3 feet of a driveway entrance: $20

Unpaid fines can increase and result in warrants.