Filing a false police report is a crime and is punishable under KSA 21-3818. Please file online reports responsibly and as completely and accurately as possible.

If you are reporting a crime in progress, or an emergency of some kind, please stop here and dial 911.


Step 1: Deciding if online reporting is for you.

Before making a report, make sure the following is true:

  • You are requesting to file a report for one of the following crimes:
    • Criminal Damage to Property
    • Criminal Damage to a Vehicle 
    • Harassment by Phone
    • Identity Theft
    • Theft not including medication or weapons
    • Supplement (only if the initial report was filed online)
    • RCPD no longer accept online reports for theft from a motor vehicle
  • This is not an emergency.
  • The incident occurred in the city limits of Manhattan or in Riley County.
  • There are no known suspects.
  • The incident did not involve a gun.
  • You have a valid e-mail address.

If any of the above statements are false or you have questions or concerns, please call the Riley County Police Department at 785-537-2112.


Step 2: Preparing to file an online police report.

Make sure you have all of the following information, which is required for online reporting:

  • When did this incident occur (date and time)?
  • Where did this incident take place (address or location)?
  • Who is reporting or owns the property (name, date of birth, contact information)?
  • What was lost, stolen, or damaged (make, model, serial number, description, and estimated value of loss or damage)?

Make sure to turn off your browser's "pop-up blocking" filter and make sure to fill in the information prompted by the online reporting program as completely and accurately as possible.




Step 3: What to expect after completing your online report.

  • You will be notified via email that "Your report has been submitted." This signifies that the Riley County Police Department has received your report and it is pending review and approval.
  • You will receive via email a temporary report number prior to being issued an official case number.
  • You may receive other email notifications prior to approval of your report for the purpose of follow up or corrections. 
  • You will receive a copy of your official police report in PDF form upon approval.
  • Once your online report has been approved, a Riley County Police Department case number and a copy of the official report will be emailed to you. This will generally take up to 5 business days to occur. 


For more information on Riley County Police Department's online crime reporting system contact:

Kari Breault
RMS Supervisor
(785) 537-2112 x2430