The Police Activity section of is a summary of calls for service/reports filed by the Riley County Police Department and is only a portion of those received by police (as summarized in the first portion of this weekday report). Some names, addresses, and case details are withheld to follow local, state, and federal law as well as in an attempt to protect community members from being victimized further. Those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. For more information on the entries that are open to public as well as what has been withheld, consult with the Kansas Open Records Act. Some of this information is left to the agency releasing information to decide whether or not it should be open or closed. 

The Riley County Police Department withholds information that could likely cause a victim to become further victimized as well as withholds mugshots of those arrested. RCPD also complies with mandatorily protected information as outlined by the Kansas Open Records Act. Information is only posted to our website for approximately 48 hours in order to comply with the Kansas Criminal Justice Information Systems (KCJIS) guidelines for releasing and publishing information. After this period of time, some information becomes criminal history which is not released by this agency.

Information for this report is gathered daily at 6:00 AM and is only published weekdays at approximately 10:00 AM. This is done to help reduce the risk of publishing inaccurate information and is overseen by our Public Information Officer. Some arrested and still confined information is only up-to-date on the day following the law enforcement action at 6:00 AM. For a more up-to-date list of those arrested and still confined, please contact the Riley County Jail. All media inquiries are required to go through the Public Information Officer. 

Reports published to this section on Mondays will include information from the previous Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Reports posted to on Tuesday through Friday will only include information from the previous 6:00 AM to 6:00 AM time period. Holidays and days when the Administrative Offices at RCPD are closed will change this procedure. For more information on the entries listed in this section, please contact the Public Information Officer. 

Each Police Activity post should contain on a regular basis a summary (in paragraph form) of certain calls for service or incidents from the previously mentioned time frame. There will also often be a total number of arrests made as well as a link to contact the Manhattan Riley County Crimes Stoppers. The Police Activity section will also include a list of reports.

The Riley County Police Department reserves the right to make changes to these posts when appropriate without notification. RCPD has a high standard of accuracy however realizes that during case investigations information has the ability to change. Because of this fact, if you have concerns about information that has been posted, please contact the Public Information Officer. 

Calls for service likely to be published to this section in summary form are as follows but are not limited to:

  • Traffic collisions that resulted in injury and involved a transport to a medical care facility by Riley County EMS.
  • Traffic collisions that involved a greater need for public explanation.
  • Crimes listed as sex related crimes (posted in a fashion to comply with Kansas Open Records Act and protect the victim and case information).
  • Theft in an amount larger than $500.00.
  • Criminal Damage to Property in an amount larger than $500.00. 
  • Aggravated crimes such as battery and assault.
  • Crimes and incidents of great concern to the public to include robbery and burglary.
  • Crimes or incidents that require the public's assistance.
  • Crimes or Incidents which have created public information requests in an above average fashion. 
  • Crimes or incidents left to the discretion of the Public Information Officer.

Information that is likely to be published because of requests from local media citing the Kansas Open Records Act but not limited to:

  • Addresses of call location when not otherwise withheld for a reason listed in the Kansas Open Records Act or as listed below.
  • The address of those arrested by the Riley County Police Department or booked into the Riley County Jail.
  • Times, dates, locations, and other information found on the front page of the Kansas Standard Offense Report. This information is subject to be withheld if the criteria is met.

Crimes, incidents, or information that will be limited or withheld as per local, state, and federal law and the Kansas Open Records Act specifically are as follows:

  • Addresses of victims, where the address is not the location of the call and where the suspect could likely gain leverage or the ability to further victimize as per the Kansas Open Records Act. When this information may pose a risk to a person or property and is not a legitimate concern to the public these addresses will be only listed as the city and state of the victim. 
  • Sexually related crimes and incidents such as rape, sexual battery, and etc. will be given a general location and the victim information will not be released.
  • Domestic Violence related crimes and incidents will be given a general location and the victim information will not be released.
  • Juvenile crimes will be left to the discretion of the Public Information Officer unless the juvenile is under the age of 14. If a juvenile has contact with police and is under the age of 14 the juvenile will be referred to by gender and age. Other specific information may also be withheld on a case by case basis in accordance with the Kansas Open Records Act.
  • Crimes or Incidents that are ongoing in nature. The Riley County Police Department reserves the right to withhold information that could harm an ongoing investigation.
  • Listed suspects of a crime whom have not been arrested will be withheld entirely. Any mention of a suspect will be extremely vague in nature.
  • Dates of birth, social security numbers, home phone numbers and etc. will be withheld as this information could likely cause victimization.

When documenting the published information, this agency is required to utilize abbreviations. Some of these abbreviations are explained below:

ACCIDENT-INJURY/FATALITY - Injury traffic collision or fatality traffic collision

ATT - Attempted
CDP - Criminal Damage to Property
CDP-NON AUTO - Criminal Damage to Property other than to a vehicle
CPCA - Probable Cause Arrest
CWAR - Warrant Arrest
INFO-UNATTENDED DEATH - Death of a subject outside of medical care with nothing suspicious
INFORMATION - Information report not filed as a criminal investigation
INJURY-TRF ACC-PEDESTRIA - Traffic collision involving a pedestrian
JUVENILE CINC-OTHER - Juvenile Child in Need of Care report
OJ - WARRANTS - Warrant from another jurisdiction
TRAFFIC-SUS/CANC/REV-DL - Driving with a suspended, cancelled, or revoked driver's license
UNLAWFUL-POSS/CONSUMP-MINORS - Minor in possession of alcohol
UNLAWFUL-POSS/CONSUMP-MINORS - Unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor
UNLAWFUL-POSS/CONS-OTHER - Unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol
UNLAWFUL-TRANSPORTATION - Unlawful transporting of alcohol
WRNT - Warrant

If you have an abbreviation that needs to be added to this list contact the Public Information Officer. 

If you have questions about the Police Activity section of please contact the Public Information Officer for the Riley County Police Department. Questions regarding the Kansas Open Records Act can also be forwarded to the Kansas Attorney General's website. As a matter of procedure RCPD's Public Information Officer does not generally post specific addresses to our website unless it is the address of someone who has been arrested. Releasing some information is required by law upon official request in some cases. If this information is published elsewhere, complaints should be directed toward the agency who is responsible for the publication. Likewise, concerns about information that is published to the police department website should be directed to the Public Information Officer, unless an official complaint made to the Internal Affairs Officer would be more appropriate.

To request a copy of a police or accident report, make an official Kansas Open Records Act request, or to request crime or police statistics information please contact Records at the Riley County Police Department by clicking here.

For more information contact:

Aaron Wintermote
Public Information Officer
(785) 537-2112 x2449