For many participants, particularly college students, this is a time to enjoy the atmosphere of Aggieville, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the company of friends before the mid-semester break. Unfortunately, in the past, many attendees have perceived Fake Patty’s Day as an opportunity to act irresponsibly without thinking of consequences. The event has been associated with sexual assault, overcrowding, public intoxication, traffic congestion, illegal parking, acts of violence, and trash nuisances. Residents and visitors who wish to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly are most welcome in the community and RCPD wishes them a fun, safe, and enjoyable time in Manhattan. Those who intend to overindulge in alcohol consumption, abandon personal responsibility, and commit crimes should be aware that all state and local laws will be enforced during Fake Patty’s Day.

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Fake Patty's Day FAQ

The following list of crimes, violations, or offenses are commonly associated with the consumption of alcohol or the Fake Patty's Day celebration specifically. Officers on patrol will be enforcing all state and local laws including but not limited to the following:

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