The mission of the Riley County Police Department Finance Office is to minimize the financial and social cost of public safety. The RCPD recognizes the need for operational efficiency in order to minimize the cost to the taxpayer. The primary role of the finance section is to track expenditures and produce reports which allow staff to make fiscal decisions that support professional policing in Riley County in the most efficient manner possible.  

You can view the 2022 Final Budget here.
You can view the 2022 Budget Notice here.

RCPD's 2022 budget of $22,985,873 has been approved by the Law Board and represents a 3.57% increase from the 2021 approved budget.

With the additional funding the department will add:

·       2022 base adjustment to include salary step increases (merit pay)

·       1% Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) in pay for employees

·       2% pay adjustment from 2021 calculated into the 2022 budget

·       A stand-alone Payroll Technician position and maintain a Part-Time Finance Technician position

·       Add $18,000 to operations training budget

·       One additional Jail Cook

·       One additional Court Security Screener

·       $53,000 to insurance account for professional liability

RCPD employees did not receive merit pay or a COLA in 2021 due to a freeze in the 2021 budget from the 2020 budget in anticipation of economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2% pay adjustment included in the 2022 budget mirrors the pay adjustment approved in May by Riley County commissioners for county employees. The fiscal impact of this adjustment will be less than the usual merit and COLA impacts seen in previous years.

“My goal for the 2022 RCPD budget was to address immediate personnel and operational needs that align with the Department’s mission and long-term goals,” Director Dennis P. Butler said. “My vision for the budget was to provide stable and consistent resources to RCPD employees while minimizing fiscal impact on the community we serve. Funding COLAs and merit increases during 2022 after an absence in the 2021 budget was a priority in order to maintain the RCPD’s well-trained and dedicated workforce. Our staff have remained committed to serving the citizens of Riley County during the struggle of a global pandemic and I remain committed to providing them the appropriate resources they need to do their jobs in an efficient and professional manner.”

The 2022 approved budget will provide the staffing and financial resources necessary for the agency to meet its long-term goals of minimizing the financial and social cost of public safety, maintaining a safe and secure community, promoting legitimacy in the eyes of the public, and creating a culture of service throughout the organization.

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