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V.I.P.S Application Form

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In order to enhance and promote innovative public safety programs to meet the needs of the community, the Riley County Police Department actively encourages the involvement of volunteers. Local citizens, volunteering time and energy to the Department, provides public awareness and support, beneficial cost and resource savings to the city and county, and fosters quality of life and well-being in our community.

Admission into the V.I.P.S Program

  • All V.I.P.S members are graduates of the Riley County Police Department's Citizens' Police Academy.
  • Are at least 21 years of age.
  • Are physically and mentally able to perform required duties.
  • Can provide valid proof of legal resident status within the United States of America.
  • Possess a High School Diploma, GED or experience equivalent.
  • Willingness to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month.
  • Willingness to participate in additional training and skill enhancement, as recommended.

Orientation and Training

As a new volunteer you will receive a program overview with the V.I.P.S Program Coordinator, or designee prior to placement. The program overview will provide the necessary orientation to make a successful start as a valuable Department team member. Your program overview and orientation will include the following information:

  • Required identification while representing the Department.
  • Parking
  • Time Sheets
  • Appropriate attire
  • Policies and Procedures

Each V.I.P.S member will be given information about where they work and who they should report to. That person will also ensure that you receive any further on-the-job training that you need to perform your duties.

Questions regarding the Department's V.I.P.S. Program may be directed to:

Josh Kyle
(785) 537-2112 x2407