We all want safer roadways. Safer roadways mean fewer accidents, better traffic flow and you arrive at your destination on time. In an effort to reduce accidents, the Riley County Police Department is launching "ARC 2.0" or "Accident Reduction Citations 2.0."

What is ARC 2.0? ARC is an initiative which uses research conducted by Kansas State University and recent crash data in an effort to reduce the number of accidents on our roadways. The K-State research surveyed local citizens asking what the top traffic offenses you care about are and what you believe your police department should be enforcing. 

When RCPD looked at our internal crash data, it was found that the top 5 causes of preventable accidents in Riley County are the same violations that the public expects the police to enforce. 

The study showed citizens want RCPD to focus on:

          • Driving under the influence
          • Speeding (especially in school zones)
          • Tailgating
          • Running red lights and stop signs
          • Cellphone use (especially texting)

When officers pull people over for these offenses, they are educating the public by communicating the reason behind the stop, the fact that their fellow citizens asked us to police this behavior and steps to take moving forward to better comply with the law. 

ARC 2.0 puts a special emphasis on notifying the public of the selected enhanced traffic enforcement areas on specific dates and times. This is in hopes of deterring the behavior from occurring before it happens and continuing with education about driving safety. 

Drivers will be notified on social media of the locations of the ARC 2.0 enforcement and time frames. Drivers will also see signs stating "traffic enforcement ahead," which will indicate officers are currently at that location trying to reduce accidents. 


RCPD earned the 2020 "People Saving People" Award from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) and the 26th Annual KDOT Transportation Safety Conference. RCPD was one of two recipients of the award in the state which recognizes outstanding contributions to the improvement of transportation safety behavior in Kansas.