June 28, 2021

Update 2:02 p.m.
The 911 and non-emergent lines are back up and running.
AT&T users may still experience trouble reaching the non-emergent line (785) 537-2112. If this is the case please call the dispatch direct line (785) 565-6257.
Thanks to Pottawatomie Co Sheriff's Office Dispatch for assisting us while our lines were down.
Thank you for your patience.
Update 12:55 p.m.
The 911 line is still down for everyone.
The non-emergent line (785) 537-2112 is not working for ONLY AT&T users. If you use a cell phone service other than AT&T, your calls will go through to the non-emergent line.
AT&T users, please use the dispatch direct line (785) 565-6257.
Our 911 line and non-emergent line (785) 537-2112 are currently down. Please call our dispatch direct line at (785) 565-6257 for emergencies while we work with AT&T to restore the line.
Some calls to the non-emergent line may go through, 911 calls will show the line as busy and will not go through.
We apologize for this inconvenience.