August 17, 2020

For the first time in 46 years, the Riley County Police Department will change the style and color of uniform for sworn officers. Officers wearing the new uniform attended the August Riley County Police Department Law Board Meeting earlier today.

“One of our core values is professionalism—shown through our actions and appearance. We are committed to having professional character, spirit, and dress while serving Riley County,” Director Dennis Butler said.

RCPD created an internal committee last year in response to police officer suggestions regarding durability, comfort, and utility of the traditional uniforms to consider a uniform update. Additionally, manufacturers said the current french blue uniforms may be phased out and unavailable in the future as larger police organizations are opting out of the traditional color and fabric.

You will start to see officers wearing both a navy blue top and pants in the coming months. The new uniforms are made of a more durable material with multi-seasonal technology to accommodate long patrol hours in both the hot summer and brisk winter.

“Our officers are out in the community every day rain or shine,” Butler said. “This will help to protect them from the elements while they are protecting the people we serve.”

The navy uniforms are made of material that will perform better, and show less dirt, grime, wear and tear. Officers field tested uniforms free of charge. The new uniforms will be purchased using a combination of 2020 budgeted funds for clothing and other categories as approved by the Law Board.

The current uniform will be devoted to formal occasions as determined by the RCPD Director, for promotions, awards, and funerals.