June 3, 2020

In July of 2009, the Community Advisory Board of the Riley County Police Department was established. The CAB represents a cross-section of the Riley County public with members from a variety of business, geographical, and cultural communities. Members are representative of the broad community we live in to be consistent with the diversity in Riley County. The members of the CAB nominate candidates to serve on the board, who are then appointed by the Director of RCPD. A portion of the CAB is pictured below.
The Community Advisory Board advises RCPD on community concerns and relays information about the RCPD to the public. Effective policing relies on positive relationships with the community we serve. The CAB was established to provide a community perspective to the police department when considering local problems and policies. The group assists in improving the community's understanding of police functions and roles. The CAB advises RCPD on ways to improve the effectiveness of police operations in relation to community needs.
The Community Advisory Board meets monthly to address issues of interest to the RCPD and how they may affect the people of Riley County.
You can learn more about the CAB here: http://www.rcpdcab.org/