May 20, 2020

Lieutenant Tim Schuck recently completed an intensive 12-week accredited college educational program for police command personnel at the Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.  The 143rd Administrative Officers Course included courses on leadership, police administration, legal issues, and organizational performance and behavior. 

“This course is academically rigorous,” SPI Director Cindy Shain said. “Forty-eight graduates from 18 states and 43 law enforcement agencies from across the nation completed their course of study this semester amid the uncertainty and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Since 1951, the Southern Police Institute has served to educate thousands of command level officers in furtherance of its core mission of enhancing the professionalism and the effectiveness of police executives around the world.  

Graduates of the Administrative Officers Course are well positioned to help improve their communities and their organizations. The course curriculum is designed to develop informed, effective, ethically and technically competent law enforcement managers who are capable of assuming positions of leadership in their agencies.