January 6, 2020

We are in the process of field testing new uniforms. 

Manufacturers say our current uniforms (French Blue) color may be phased out as larger police organizations are opting out of the traditional color. This may cause it to become unavailable in the near future. The trend nationwide for police departments has been moving towards darker uniforms that not only perform better, but also show less dirt, grime and wear and tear. 

A team of RCPD employees have been researching and conducting interviews for months, working to determine the best alternative uniform to potentially transition to. 

You can see below a variety of the options RCPD will be field testing. We received all uniforms free of charge. Since we live in Kansas, we chose pants made of a more durable material with multi-seasonal technology to accommodate long patrol hours in both the hot summer and brisk winter. Shirt colors range from variations of blue to gray. The officers below will be out in the community conducting their normal police operations in the alternate uniforms during a 60-90 day trial period. They will report back on the uniform’s durability, fit and comfort.

After the trial period, we will determine if we should transition to a new uniform or continue with our current uniforms as long as manufacturers continue to produce the French Blue. 

One of our core values is professionalism. We are committed to showing professional character, spirit, and dress while serving Riley County.