December 16, 2019

“Simply put, I am living the dream. As long as I can remember I wanted to ‘be a police officer when I grow up.’ That was my dream job. I have been living the dream for the last 35 years,” Moldrup said. “When I was hired in 1985, I never anticipated that I would eventually be asked to be the Interim Assistant Director, let alone be selected to serve in that capacity on a permanent basis.”

Moldrup is committed to his family, his profession, and to this community. He is pictured below with 13 of his 27 grandkids below.

“Kurt Moldrup has dedicated his professional life to the citizen's of Riley County. I am very pleased the word, ‘interim’ is being removed from his new title of assistant director,” Director Dennis Butler said. “The fact that we have an excellent command staff with a variety of strengths and experiences has made this a difficult choice; however, for someone in my position this is a good challenge to have.”

Moldrup was named Interim Assistant Director on July 1st, 2018. He started at RCPD as a patrol officer in March 1985. He was promoted to Captain in May 2009. During his tenure, Moldrup has worked in Investigations and Internal Affairs as well as serving as a Patrol Commander, Support Division Commander, and Public Information Officer.

“I have been a part of the Manhattan/ Riley County community for nearly 40 years and absolutely love it here,” Moldrup said. “I truly consider it an honor to serve the community by being a member of one of the most professional law enforcement agencies in the state. I look forward to continuing serve the community alongside the rest of the employees of the Riley County Police Department.”

The official promotion from Interim Assistant Director to permanent is effective January 1, 2020.

“I look forward to Kurt's continuing leadership and ask that you support him in his efforts to ensure that excellent police, corrections, and civilian support services prosper in Riley County,” Director Dennis Butler said.

“I am truly humbled this decision and want to thank Director Butler for selecting. I am also extremely appreciative of the support that I have received over the last 17 months by not only the five commanders who work with me, but all the men and women who do the work day in and day out at the Riley County Police Department. I could not and I certainly would not take this position without their support. I am very confident that any one of the Commanders to could easily serve in this role,” Moldrup said.