November 25, 2019

In an effort to implement a more victim-centered approach to sexual violence response, the Riley County Police Department has hired Melissa Mosher as its newly established Victim Advocate Coordinator. Melissa’s role is to assist victims of crime with emotional support and accompaniment during a traumatic experience.

"Victims of crime now have a person devoted specifically to them, providing information, advocacy and emotional support during the investigation process,” Melissa said. 

Melissa will provide systems-based advocacy services to victims of crime during each step of the criminal investigation process. Through the Victim Advocate Coordinator, you will be able to receive referrals for direct social services. Since starting in September, Melissa has worked to strengthen RCPD’s community collaborations and relations with citizens through education and advocacy.

During these first few months as Victim Advocate Coordinator, I have been meeting RCPD’s dedicated officers and introducing myself to Manhattan’s supportive network of social service

organizations,” Melissa said.

The Victim Advocate Coordinator will coordinate with detectives to keep victims informed through the investigation process. Melissa is in the office Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. unless otherwise requested by a victim of crime. You can reach her at (785) 473-2390 or by email at

Read more about Melissa's professional background here.