June 17, 2019

The Riley County Police Department has purchased an armored vehicle to transport officers in high-risk situations, and aid in the recovery and protection of civilians in harm’s way.

 “Communication is essential to the resolution of a high-risk situation,” Lieutenant Brad Jager, Tactical Team Leader said. “This resource allows officers the ability to establish and maintain a dialogue with a potentially dangerous person to safely resolve the situation.”

The Lenco Bearcat was manufactured in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and transported to the law enforcement center in Manhattan on Friday, May 3,2019. It was purchased in 2018 with forfeiture funds at no cost to the taxpayer.

The Bearcat will provide ballistic protection against threats officers face during active violence, hostage situations and the rescue of injured victims among other instances.

The vehicle is not weaponized and is limited use. Its purpose is to provide protection to officers responding to dangerous situations in an effort to peacefully resolve emergency situations.