May 5, 2017


The Riley County Police Department is searching for a new Public Information Officer. I will be leaving the Riley County Police Department at the end of July to attend law school, a process that has been in the works since September 2016.

Working first as a patrol officer and then as the Public Information Officer has been an amazing experience. My greatest hope is that we are able to find someone to fill this position that has a great love both for the department and for the community it serves.

The role of a PIO is one that is critical for any police department, and brings with it daily challenges and opportunities to grow as a person. RCPD is looking for someone who is up to that challenge, and can help be a liaison between RCPD and the citizens of Riley County.

If you, or someone you know, feels like they could succeed in this position, please contact Dawn Barfuss via email at  or visit our website and take a look at the job description. The application deadline is May 19th.