April 5, 2017


On April 5, 2017 at approximately 11:35 AM, Riley County Police received a social media message directed at our accounts that included a picture of someone pulling a gun from a backpack and a second picture with the caption “Don’t come to school tomorrow”. As the pictures were tweeted specifically to our accounts and contained the same wording as the original threat, it was determined this was an intentional threat intended to scare students and faculty at Manhattan High West campus.

Follow-up investigation was able to quickly determine that the message was sent from a 17 year old female who used to be a student at Manhattan High, but currently lives out of state. As such, we do not believe this to be a valid threat. However, RCPD made Manhattan High West campus aware of the situation. It was mutually determined that no additional response was needed at this time.

The investigation into this threat continues, and we have enlisted the aid of outside agencies to make contact with the suspect. Additionally, a criminal threat case has been filed through the Riley County Police Department.

In an era of multiple school shootings each year, Riley County Police Department takes all communications about harming students or faculty seriously. If you or someone you know comes across these types of communications, please alert us so we can work to make Manhattan and Riley County safe.

Copy cat activities are often seen in these types of events. This press release is simply to inform the public that we remain vigilant against any threat made to any members of our community, and especially our school students and staff. Additional copy cat threats will not be reported to the public unless the threats are deemed to put students or staff in immediate danger of harm.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the day. We understand these types of events can be stressful, but we hope that our swift communication and thorough investigations can bring you some peace of mind.