September 24, 2013

The Riley County Police Department actively uses social media to connect with and educate the community members that they serve. To be social with Riley County Police follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. You can also sign up for the IRIS Alert System in order to get important emergency information directly from the RCPD Dispatchers. By using your IRIS account, you can receive text messages, emails, or phone calls that contain information about disasters or emergent police activity in your area.

Information released by coordinators of the Social Media Emergency Preparedness Expo: WIBW NewsNow and area Emergency Agencies are teaming up this Friday to make sure you are informed if there is ever an emergency in our area, as part of the WIBW NewsNow Social Media Emergency Preparedness Expo.

September is Emergency Preparedness Month in the state of Kansas, and several local and state agencies are using Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter, to get out everyday tips plus needed information in the event there is a natural disaster, severe weather or even a man-made disaster. Each hour on the 27th, one agency that has agreed to participate will be featured. That hour, we will send out on our Facebook page and Twitter account a series of messages from that agency on how they use Social Media to alert the public. This will give those agencies exposure to help them gain followers and distribute safety tips and vital information.

Agencies who are participating include:
Topeka Police Department
Shawnee County Sheriff Office
Kansas Division of Emergency Management
Shawnee County Emergency Management
Riley County Police Department
Topeka Chapter of the American Red Cross
Douglas County Emergency Management
The National Weather Service, Topeka

“We hope that by using our Social Media Channels, we will be able to help these emergency groups get out their message on how to stay safe or what to do if there is an emergency.,” says Shawn Wheat, News Director for WIBW NewsNow. “Some even use their accounts to send out traffic information and that’s important too. The goal is to keep people informed and safe.”

The WIBW NewsNow Social Media Emergency Preparedness Expo will take place on Friday, September 28th, starting at 7am and last through the day.

You can participate as well by liking WIBW NewsNow on Facebook, You can also follow us on Twitter, Retweets and shares are encouraged!