September 17, 2013

In October of 2010, the Riley County Police Department terminated the employment of police officer Ernest Hamilton for cause. Hamilton appealed his termination to the Riley County Law Enforcement Agency’s Law Board, which found that the termination was based upon substantial evidence and denied Hamilton’s appeal. Hamilton subsequently appealed to the District Court of Riley County, and the Court’s decision was entered on September 13, 2013. The court agreed with the Law Board’s findings, noting that RCPD Director Brad Schoen “had legal cause to dismiss Hamilton,” and “that legal cause, as identified in [the Riley County Law Enforcement Agency’s] findings and conclusions, is acknowledged in this decision.”

“I think it important that the department be as transparent as possible in such circumstances. It is important that the public realize the emphasis RCPD places on ensuring their safety and holding our staff accountable to policies designed to prevent officers from endangering the public. I’m pleased that the court affirmed that stance.” –Director Brad Schoen.