September 5, 2013

Public Information Officer Mat Droge playing with a mustache made of sugar at Varsity Donuts.

I'm Officer Matthew Droge #88, Public Information Officer for the Riley County Police Department and Internationally known as #TwitterCop. Let me introduce you to the new RCPD, it's staff, my co-workers, and I would like to welcome you the new online home for RCPD. A hub of information intended to better communicate information and ideas to the public. Used in conjunction with our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) your police department has several avenues to inform the public of everything from road closures and current crime trends to community relations events and spotlights on employees who have a hand in making our community a better place to live.

Take a few minutes and browse the site, you'll see that we actively post found property, warrants, and our most wanted. We also have an interactive crime map which can show you the crime in your area to help better protect yourself from becoming a victim.  Starting from the home page you'll see our top stories as well as quick links to file reports online (this service coming soon), request copies of completed reports or find out more information about Crime Stoppers. Directly underneath the top stories is a section that house future alerts. Whether these alerts are vehicles we are currently attempting to locate, missing children or families members, or disaster preparedness information you'll be able to stay up-to-date while online (as well as through the use of social media).

As you scroll further down the homepage you'll see sections for latest news, which will contain press releases, articles, and daily police activity. This section is the medium in which we will communicate the majority of information to the local and not so local media as well as the general public. Operated daily by, well... me. Next to the news section is the home of our Human Resources. Looking for a job? They have done a great job posting information on how to get hired as well as move from out-of-state to come work with us! To the right of employment is the Featured block, this will hold important information for the public that may otherwise be lost in the shuffle of day to day activity. Currently you'll find this article as well as a link to our Operation Greek and Most Wanted page.

Our Twitter feed and contact information is located at the bottom of our homepage and we encourage you to sign up for an RSS Feed and get reminders when we update information, post press releases or other articles of information meant for public consumption. 

There is a lot of great information at and I hope that you have a chance to check it all out. We have worked hard over the past year creating this website with New Boston Creative Group and hope that it mirrors our nationally recognized push for improved public relations in law enforcement.   

Here are some quick links for some of the features of this site:

Update your business contact information
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File a Complaint
Frequently Asked Questions for the Riley County Jail
Career Development Opportunities at RCPD
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