March 25, 2013

During the week of March 17, 2013, Riley County Police Department attended a conference presented by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) in Charleston, South Carolina. The Department, for a second time, was recognized for “outstanding performance” and received honors. During this conference, Riley County Police Department maintained their Meritorious Service standing, and was also awarded Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation with Excellence; only 6 of the 125 agencies being reaccredited at this conference were presented this award (This is the highest award attainable by CALEA and a step up from Riley County Police Department’s previous Flagship Agency title).
Accreditation is a voluntary process that is highly valued by Law Enforcement professionals and recognized as an achievement of professional excellence. The Riley County Police Department first elected to seek accreditation status in 1988 and subsequently became accredited in March 1991, with the distinction of becoming the first nationally accredited law enforcement agency in Kansas. As part of the Department’s continuing efforts to maintain and increase its professionalism, several re-accreditation processes have been completed every three years, culminating in this year’s award. 
Riley County Police Department underwent a rigorous three-day on-site assessment process in December 2012, where CALEA assessors inspected the Department, interviewed employees, reviewed files, and held a public information session. This was done to determine that the Department fully met the requirements of the 480 national standards. This award is reinforcement to the phenomenal work performed by all Department members and it validates the hard work that is done for our community.