September 17, 2012

Updated Information:
On 09-16-2012 at about 10:00 PM a 34 year old male walked into the Mercy Regional Health Center with a significant cut to his mouth. Follow up investigation revealed that the male had been involved in at least one physical altercation at Bobby T’s, 3240 Kimball Ave, MHK on 09-16-2012 at 0210 hours. The male later awoke in a pool of blood in the laundry room of 3120 Heritage Lane and walked home.
The precise cause of the man’s injury is still being determined and the altercation is being investigated. It has not been conclusively determined that all of the man’s injuries occurred during the altercation, or if he later fell, etc. Intoxication is believed to be a factor in the incident. The man is being listed as the suspect on a battery report, so his name cannot be released.The RCPD is confident that it has found the source of the blood and considers this portion of the matter closed.
Original Message:
On 9/16/12 at 1037 AM, officers were called to 3120 Heritage Ln, MHK for a report of a large amount of blood found in a common area of an apartment building. Preliminary information is sketchy, however, the RCPD is currently conducting a full investigation into the matter to include attempting to locate and identify the blood's cause and source.Further information will be provided at the usual press briefing time of 0945 hours on Monday, September 17th.
Any significant overnight developments will only be covered in a formal Press Release. In the meantime RCPD personnel will not discuss the matter further.