The Kansas Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS) requires that information on arrests to include name, age, and address of the arrested, be only published for up to 48 hours. To remain in compliance, the Riley County Police Department will not make press releases available via our archive feature if they contain protected information.

January 6, 2020

We are in the process of field testing new uniforms. 

Manufacturers say our current uniforms (French Blue) color may be phased out as larger police organizations are opting out of the traditional color. This may cause it to become unavailable in the near future. The trend nationwide for police departments has been moving towards darker uniforms that not only perform better, but also show less dirt, grime and wear and tear. 

December 23, 2019

A holiday message from the Mental Health Co Responders at RCPD:

December 20, 2019

On Thursday, December 26th through Wednesday, January 1st the Riley County Police Department is joining other local and state police agencies across Kansas in a concentrated effort to remove drunk and other drugged drivers from the roads. ‘Taking Down DUI,’ is a campaign facilitated by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

December 16, 2019

“Simply put, I am living the dream. As long as I can remember I wanted to ‘be a police officer when I grow up.’ That was my dream job. I have been living the dream for the last 35 years,” Moldrup said. “When I was hired in 1985, I never anticipated that I would eventually be asked to be the Interim Assistant Director, let alone be selected to serve in that capacity on a permanent basis.”

December 9, 2019

On Sunday, December 8th at approximately 8:15 p.m., the Riley County Police Department Emergency Dispatch Center received a call stating an individual had been found deceased in the 500 block of Riley Avenue in Ogden.

December 3, 2019

The Riley County Police Department has updated its sexual assault reporting policy to give voice to victims by providing new options in the investigation process. We are calling this updated policy, “Your Option. Your Control,” because victims will now have control over choosing one of three investigation options for their case.

“The most important goal of this new policy is to break down the barriers to reporting and increase the number of reports we receive,” Investigation Captain Tim Hegarty said.

November 25, 2019

In an effort to implement a more victim-centered approach to sexual violence response, the Riley County Police Department has hired Melissa Mosher as its newly established Victim Advocate Coordinator. Melissa’s role is to assist victims of crime with emotional support and accompaniment during a traumatic experience.

"Victims of crime now have a person devoted specifically to them, providing information, advocacy and emotional support during the investigation process,” Melissa said. 

November 25, 2019

For the past 28 years, the Riley County Police Department has held itself to the highest standard in law enforcement as recognized by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

As part of the CALEA assessment for re-accreditation, members of the community and department employees are invited to offer comments at a public information session regarding our ability to comply with set standards. This session will be held:

November 19, 2019

Do you have confidence in the Riley County Police Department’s ability to investigate and solve major cases? Would you feel comfortable calling us if you need help?

November 13, 2019

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 around 6:50 a.m. officers with the Riley County Police Department and troopers with the Kansas Highway Patrol entered and began clearing Lee Elementary after reports of a possible hostage situation.

A little before 1 a.m., the Riley County Police Department received a call into our non-emergency line from a man stating he was inside Lee Elementary School with a hostage.

Officers immediately arrived on scene and set up a perimeter in the 700 block of Lee Street.