The RCPD is committed to enhancing diversity within the police ranks. This diversity includes not only Black and Hispanic applicants, but also women and other minorities. 

If citizens believe in us, we need people in our community to advocate for the police department and join us. We want diversity, we need diversity, we welcome diversity, and we believe diversity will make us an even better department.

We are lucky to have a multicultural community thanks to Fort Riley and Kansas State University. The Riley County Police Department is in the process of building relationships at K-State and Fort Riley with the hopes of giving talks at groups/classes and participating in specialty events. Police, Corrections, and Dispatch attend recruiting events in Manhattan, at K-State, and Fort Riley. We have recently extended our recruiting presence to colleges in Western Kansas in an attempt to recruit and retain Hispanic applicants in an effort to further diversify our department to represent the community we serve.

The Riley County Police Department has recently acquired a food trailer to take to recruiting and community events as a way of making connections with people. The department is in the process of creating a recruiting team which will complement and operate independently of the food trailer depending on the event.

We are aware of the lack of diversity in our patrol division, and are examining our hiring process and what can be done to improve our hiring results.