The Police Training Officer Program was developed to train junior members of the organization (recruit officers) how to solve problems within the community. The program is based on national-level research into those competencies that all officers are expected to demonstrate. PTO uses a problem-based learning methodology. Problem-based learning is designed to place the responsibility on the recruit for his/her learning under the facilitation of an experienced officer. During the program, recruits are required to work through problem assignments and contact members of the community.

Benefits of the PTO program include:
  • Recruits learn about the ways they best learn
  • Recruits learn to self-evaluate
  • Recruits are required to demonstrate competency in every core area of the program
  • Recruits learn about emotional intelligence
  • Recruits are trained and then evaluated by different senior officers
  • Recruits learn to become problem solvers and value community input throughout their careers     

Patrol Officer Jonathan Shepard delivers his final Problem Based Learning Exercise to supervisors. Recruit officers go out into different neighborhoods in our community during this training phase to learn about problems people are facing and develop potential solutions.