Yes, there are safe ride options that are available. 

SafeRide from K-State will be operating starting at noon on March 21st and run 3 buses. The Central Route will have full coverage, as well as the Northwest Route. The three routes will run until 10:00 PM, and then the regular SafeRide routes will begin after that. A list of routes can be found at

Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency, or ATA Bus, is a regional transportation option that is able to deliver passengers around the county. Those with a Kansas State University student or faculty and staff ID can get on for free. Adults are $1.00 and youth 6 to 18 years old are $.50. A list of regular routes and pick up/drop off points can be found at

Fort Riley has a volunteer Drunk Driving Prevention Program. This program is a way to help soldiers who have consumed alcohol get home safely. To use this service, military members can call:  (785) 693-0303

This information is subject to change as it is not under the control of RCPD.