Riley County Police Patrol Car

The Public Information Officer is the liaison between the Department and interested community groups and media outlets. This officer incorporates social media along with the department website to send information to the public regarding current investigations, daily activity, and the like. The PIO also assists in the development of new programs in those areas where the relationship between a group, or the public as a whole; and the Department may be improved. This officer acts as the department’s public relations division and continues to improve and maintain a professional and trustworthy relationship with the community. 

To qualify for this position officers must have been employed for a minimum of 2 years and have a working knowledge of the Kansas Open Records Act. Officers applying for this position must have also have knowledge of current technologies used to disseminate information as well as basic desktop publishing. After a selection process has been completed the PIO will begin meeting regularly with news agencies, other law enforcement agencies, and other representatives of the community and Riley County Police Department.