The Riley County Police Department recognizes its responsibility to both itself and the public to thoroughly investigate all complaints of misconduct brought against its members. To accomplish this task the Department has implemented an internal investigation procedure that provides for a diligent, systematic inquiry of complaints received. 

It is by this process that complaints are investigated to determine if policy violations occurred. If so, corrective measures are used to ensure quality law enforcement and preserve the community’s confidence in the department. The Riley County Police Department explicitly prohibits any form of biased-based behavior by any of its employees. 

The Department's Internal Affairs Office investigates citizen complaints regarding police department personnel or policies. A positive relationship between the police and the public they serve, fostered by confidence and trust is essential to effective law enforcement.

The Riley County Police Department welcomes criticism of the department and valid complaints against its members or procedures. The purpose of the Internal Affairs function is to ensure complete, fair, and impartial investigations of citizen complaints.

Complaint Form - Please email completed forms to

Internal Affairs Reports

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• 2018 Annual Report

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• 2016 Annual Report

• 2015 Annual Report

• 2014 Annual Report

• 2013 Annual Report

• 2012 Annual Report

For questions or concerns about the department's complaint procedures, or to make an appointment with our Internal Affairs Officer, please contact:

Lucas Breault
Lieutenant - Internal Affairs
(785) 537-2112 x2439