The Riley County Police Department serves to ensure the security of persons and property and to maintain public order and safety, always guided by the highest principles of professional police practices.

As a group of citizen's representative of Riley County's diverse population, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) is established to help the Riley County Police Department and the entire county community by:

  • Providing a community perspective in advising the Chief of Police on issues, problems, and policies.
  • Assisting the Department in improving the community's understanding of the police function and role.
  • Assisting the Department in providing meaningful communication between the police and the community.
  • Advising the Department on ways of improving the effectiveness of police operations.
  • Identifying community needs and issues for consideration and appropriate action.
Community Advisory Board Members
Michael Diller
Diahann Frazier
William Kaszer
Maria Morrison
Kevin Pierce
Brent Riffel
Corbin Sedlacek
Tim Sigle, Vice Chair
Lewis Smith, Chair
Terrence Stewart
The Community Advisory Board encourages the public's input and have made themselves available for contact via email.